Brand Valley has delivered more than expected, and with a professional expertise that is both inspiring and reassuring.
— Ina Christin Halseth Ravnanger, Category Manager Brandy, Arcus

Becoming a brand

Brand Valley is pioneering a brand management model where company's core activities are central of creating the brand. We build on a design approach in our process that emphasises continuous improvement and learning through exploring, developing and testing.


In our process, we engage employees and important stakeholders through workshops and activities. The purpose of the involvement is to learn about the organisation, as well as empowering staff with the knowledge of branding, design and innovation. In the long run this will help to build a culture where every activity the company undertakes becomes part of creating a stronger brand.

Every organisation and brand are different, but there is some fundamental understanding of building a strong brand that is important. Companies have created their values and developed a brand, which in turn raises expectations among the consumers. How we can benefit from this, is what we put weight on in our analysis. When we analyse the brand of a company, we therefore look at their core (history, values, visions), activities (campaigns, product and services), market (customers, competition) and society (trends, changes).


Can we help you? We are open to a non-committal meeting to listen to your needs, and to give suggestions of what we can offer for your company.

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