Brand Valley has delivered more than expected, and with a professional expertise that is both inspiring and reassuring.
— Ina Christin Halseth Ravnanger, Category Manager Brandy, Arcus

Why design leadership?
Impactful brands are driven by a strong motivation and vision, they are delivering real value to their customers and they have a coherent look and feel. To achieve this, the organisations behind need design leadership.

We build on an iterative approach in strategy development where key stakeholders are engaged in the process. Our projects starts with understanding the challenge while exploring the context. Thereby we develop solutions and test these. This leads to a new loop of exploring, development and testing. Every step you take and all activities that you are doing offers an opportunity to learn and to come closer to a great solution.


Brand Valley help their client with all aspects of design leadership:


  • diagnostic of the company as a brand and their current use of design to achieve their goals

  • analysis of products and product portfolio from a brand perspective

  • identify opportunities of how and where they should use design to achieve their goals of becoming an impactful brand


  • setting ambitions and develop the strategic direction for your brand

  • develop strategy and concepts

  • prioritisation of activities according to resources


  • identify relevant user insights and scenarios for your products

  • kick-starting activities through a collaborative design thinking approach


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