Brand Valley's approach to design leadership encompasses strategy in branding, design and innovation, and helping clients use design thinking in their innovation processes.

Brand Valley’s mission is to instil design leadership in companies and organisation so that they can become meaningful brands. Why? In a global and digitalised economy organisation needs to appear professional, visible and meaningful in order to have people engaged with your offerings. To achieve this, organisations needs design leadership

Design is about creating solutions of how things ought to be for everybody involved*. Design is both process and result oriented. As a profession, design brings in perspectives from ergonomics, technology, aesthetics, environment and finance and proposing novel solutions based on these. This is the balancing act organisations finds themselves in changing circumstances. 

Leadership is about having a vision as well as a drive to get there. We believe combining design and leadership is a powerful management philosophy for companies that would like to be lasting and impactful brands. 

Brand Valley is driven by a desire to develop the field of design leadership. New insights always emerge when working on client projects. Research is an integral part of Brand Valley’s activities and we regularly publish our findings to make them available to a larger audience. Our research is presented at academic conferences, in journals, and in dedicated publications. In 2013 Brand Valley’s founder, Dr Monika Hestad, published the book Branding and Product Design. Professor Michael Beverland stated is the first book to speak to both [designers and marketers] bridging several gaps in branding and product design.

In 2013 we set up Brand Valley Publications with the aim of sharing own research and collaborative projects we have with leading scholars and practitioners world wide. Currently we are developing BV Drivers Map which will be published in 2020. 

* Definition inspired by the American economist and Nobel laureates Herbert A. Simon

Brand Valleys Drivers Map: a framework to explain how key drivers shapes the brand.

Brand Valleys Drivers Map: a framework to explain how key drivers shapes the brand.

It became evident early on that our co-operation with Brand Valley was something entirely different than merely commissioning a new logo. All of ExtraStiftelsen’s staff was gathered to consider what we are, what we want to be and how we will get there.
— Pia Prestmo, Head of Communications, ExtraStiftelsen

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