Workshop Templates

Welcome to our resource page. Here you can download the templates from the Design thinking booklet.

Identifiser brukeren.pdf

Identify The User

Before you begin, you need to identify which area you want to explore. This can be in your own observation or something you have been asked to develop.

This tool can help you to identify a challenge and a person or a profile that you would like to develop a new solution for.


Brainstorm what is happening today that is changing the society. Make a list of trends and structure them in the PESTEL tool sheet to identify possible opportunities.

This tool is helpful to immerse yourself in the context that the project is part of.

The Petal

Ideation involves exploring potential solutions to meet designed need. Explore as many as possible before evaluating which might provide a good direction forward for the project.

This tool is helpful to explore your scenarios, when you ideate solutions.

The Criteria List

Criteria list involves discussing your solutions and concepts. Make a list of your own criteria´s as well as using ours. After drawing up the criteria list, evaluate your concepts and select which of them are best suited to the context you are addressing.

This tool is helpful to explore your concepts further.

User Journey

When you have defined your solution, you need to test it. How does the user experience your concept? Draw a step-by-step user journey to put yourself in their shoes. 

This tool is helpful to test your product and services.

Plan your prototype.jpg


The prototype can be a physical modell, a process, role play, group work etc. The purpose of the prototype is that it gives a simple explanation of your product or service that you want to deliver.

This tool is helpful to gain feedback from others.