Innovation aligned with brand

The company’s innovation ambition ultimately defines the brand. Innovation processes should therefore be an integral part of your brand strategy.  In order to remain relevant over time, developing the organisation's innovation capacities are key. 

We look at the people in the organisation as well as those on the receiving end of its products or services. In the organisation we analyse the culture, decision makers, relations, structure, information flow and motivation. External to the organisation we look at the market and competitors. We also emphasise the importance of identifying major drivers of change and which systems the organisation has to engage with this.

We deliver: analysis of current innovation processes, provide guidance and develop tools and processes to engage employees and strengthen the organisation.

Understanding your own innovation process

  • Why are you innovating and what are the desired outcomes?
  • Who sets the agenda?
  • Who is responsible and which actors are involved in the innovation process?
  • Who is the end-customer and how are they involved in the process?
  • What is the desired position in the market?
  • How do the products or services strengthening or maintaining the position?
  • Which major drivers of change affect what the organisation delivers?
  • How is the innovation process structured?
  • Where do the ideas come from and how are these evaluated?
  • What is the feedback system for already developed products and services?
  • What are the dynamics in the product development process?